Kresta Outdoor

About us

Kresta-Outdoor was born with the idea to create new and different customised products totally personalized for our customers.

We also are distributors for the well known brands in the outdoor sector as ALPEN PLUS and SISMIC.

Our ultimate goal is to arrive at our customers with something totally different to the rest of the brands offering the most special article for each one.

We’re lucky to manufacturer ourselves cause in this way we control all the fabrication  process.

100% customised clothes with the best materials of the sports world.

How we do it?

From the beginning we start the project with the design of the product and trying to adapt it to the needs of the customers. Once it’s finished we start the local production. In this way we guarantee that all of our products have been customised in our country and factory near Barcelona.

Kresta Outdoor


  • TRAIL AL BOSC (Vilada)
  • TRAIL GUILLERIES (St Hilari Sacalm)
Kresta Outdoor


  • CURSA DE NADA’LT (St. Pere de Torelló)
  • Pujada ciclista a Falgars (Pobla de l’illet)
  • Mini btt de Guardiola (Guardiola de Berguedà)
  • Cross del Berguedà  (Pobla de l’illet)
  • Duatló Bellmunt (St Pere de Torelló)
  • Bombers en causa (Cercs)